New Afterfall Website Launched

Afterfall has launched a new website to mark their moving forward with Nikolas Games to publish the indie RPG.
Some of you might already be familiar with Afterfall game project from before we had joined Nicolas Games. Now, we are entering a new stage of game's development. Every person who had been working hard on the game for the past three years, has now been given an opportunity to work in a brand new development studio Nicolas Intoxicated. We have been working intensively for a couple of weeks now, and the results we got, are more than satisfactory.

We are all very excited. In spite of media-silence lately (apologies for the impatient fans, who diligently track progress of our project), we can assure you soon you'll be getting more coverage from us, and not only on the game itself. Almost every person in our team works on things, we definitely want to share with you. Sometimes we are confused, because we would like to show you every stage of the development progress, even the smallest bits talk about our plans and share our happiness with you. On the other hand, we really want to surprise you by some things, which have never before been part of any other game. And because of that, we also need to introduce a little dose of mystery.

However, in time, you will find out everything about Afterfall. It is not only cRPG game (remember! It's not a game with RPG-elements only!) takes place in post-apocalyptic world. It is a huge project, in which we put our hearts and power. This is the game which every single one of us wants to play and we are convinced that when you know our project better you will share our enthusiasm.

We encourage you to visit our website and join the ranks of our forum members, where you can talk both with fans and part of the game developer team alike.
Also, sweet art.