Space Siege Review

GameCell takes a look at Space Siege and absolutely hates it, listing "Physx!" and "Point-Click-Die!" as best bits and "Absolutely everything else" as worst bits. They give the game a 4/10.
Another RPG trope is moral dilemmas, you walk into town and before you know it you're the moral authority on everything from drug taking to underage inter-species sex. Space Siege's moral topic of choice is cybernetics and their effect on humanity. They have cleverly avoided any moral sticking points by taking an arbitrary percentage score off your (Humanity Meter) for every implant installed and in return you get steel legs that give you +twelvety in the high jump. Neither the humanity score nor your new found ability in the high jump has any tangible effect on the gameplay. Unfortunately the cybernetic eye does not make you better at pub darts either.

I'm done complaining now, apart from the voice acting and the lack of any real story, oh, and the disappointment I felt that after seeing WALL-E they could do no better than a walking gun turret as a side kick. Not a very clever or friendly gun turret either, not like the turrets in Portal, oh no.