Space Siege Review

One more "unimpressed" review of Gas Powered's Space Siege comes at us from the folks at ActionTrip, where they've given the game a score of 5.8/10.
The familiar Dungeon Siege-ish gameplay mechanics are very easy to master, both for beginners and gaming veterans. In that sense, the game does have its qualities. You'll be able to grasp everything from weapons to skill improvement and cybernetic upgrades in no time. Character development and weapon modification were drastically simplified. Perhaps too much for the game's good. Also, the game does away with the conventional DS inventory system, so you won't get to toy around with different items, armor and weapons. Say goodbye to traditional looting too. Upgrading weapons is done via terminals which you bump into along the way. There you can improve your skills, which you're going to need to perform a variety of special attacks.

To my disappointment, Space Siege falls short as an action RPG, failing to deliver the kind of entertainment we expect from a talented team such as GPG. The action remains repetitive throughout most the game and the RPG elements, quite frankly, feel unsatisfactory. You continue to blast your way through hordes of similar-looking enemies. Through it all, you collect an endless amount of material needed to upgrade weapons. In short you'll be bored after you've finished the first few chapters and things are likely to stay that way later on.