Fable II Pub Games Patch Coming Soon

Lionhead Studios has updated their Fable II development blog with news that a patch to fix the game's major exploit is coming soon. Additionally, they offer some tips to help avoid going into debt:
Better tables, better odds: While all of these games have a slight long-term advantage for the house, you might easily win money in the short term. But if you don't, there's no need to despair. Once you unlock the higher-limit tables, you'll have a better chance to earn back your money in a few lucky hands. Or, if you're a conservative player, you can earn money by playing in tournaments.

Tournaments: Every tournament is a (rich) game, meaning that on average, players will win more gold than they put in. This is because, along with the tournament buy-ins, the house adds extra gold to the tournament prize! In addition, you can win unique items by placing (in the money) in each of the 15 tournaments: this is an even greater value in the world of Fable II.

Tournaments: Tournaments are played against computer opponents. You can win gold in tournaments, even free tournaments, because the house always adds a little extra gold to sweeten the pot. In addition, you can also win amazing items that you can't buy anywhere else in Albion.