Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Preview

Ten Ton Hammer shares some experiences of playing a Black Orc in the Warhammer Online beta.
The Black Orc is the Tank class for the Greenskins. As the goblins will tell you, "Dey da biggest, dey da meanest, and dey do one fin' right, right well". They take damage. Lots and lots of damage. There's nothing tricky about these guys. See the target, attack the target, kill the target, move on to the next target. There's no special positioning, no set up, and no running up from behind to get an advantage. Just good old fashioned knock down, drag out fighting... which works well for Orcs as they really don't fight any other way. With the proper gear and the right Career Mastery set up, a Black Orc literally is an unstoppable killing machine requiring the attention of at least 2 or more players to bring them down. (depending on class and level, but minimum 2 from my RvR experience... unless it's me. Then a stiff breeze or a brand new level 1 character will work.)