Scars of War Dev Blog Update

A new update on the Scars of War dev blog has more details on the Lazar Trail.
And then it get's even stranger. Because apparently the local Healer, Antus, had been seen drinking himself silly in one of the local taverns for three nights before that. And the man never drank, to hear tell of it, so tongues were already flapping. But then that same night he's deep in his cups and begins to empty out his worries on the barkeep, in full hearing of everyone there, and may the Winterking himself take me if I don't wish I could go back to that night and shut the bloody fool's mouth myself.

So he tells this tale to a tavern full of drunken troublemakers, and it's a tale guaranteed to curl the hairs of any superstitious local, no doubt. Because apparently this Healer, he's been to see Videl, twice. He'd seen him the week before at his home, after his fainting spell. What's more, he pronounced the man dead in his bed, swore that he couldn't find a heartbeat or hint of breath about him.