Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

EA's Jeremy Dalberg has posted another one of her "Five on Friday" Q&A features on the official Ultima Online website. Not much included this week, and here's why:
"Why is this Five on Friday so short?"

We've got a couple of things going on this week that is seriously imbalancing my ratio of questions to answers. First of all, we have the Town Hall - I don't want to steal my own thunder, so some of the forward-looking stuff that I'd normally do here is being saved for that. Secondly, we have a number of people overseas at the moment training our teammates in Japan, so my list of people to pester for info is distressingly short. Thirdly, the next publish is scheduled slightly further out than y'all have become accustomed to, so I don't have the kind of solid QA-approved info on it that I usually would two weeks after the previous one.

I know y'all look forward to the FoF every week, and get most upset when it's not up to par - once we get everyone back in the same hemisphere, we should be able to get you more content to kick off the weekend. This week, though, you'll just have to wait an extra day or so for the reports to come back from San Diego!