BioShock PS3 E3 Previews

A few more previews for 2K Games' PlayStation 3 port of BioShock have surfaced following E3. Eurogamer.
The Challenge Rooms are the focus, and come across as tributes to the elaborate puzzles of Portal, designed to utilise BioShock's strengths in a different way. "The fact is, you can play through the single-player game however you want," says Miller. "You may have used weapons, you may have used a lot of gene tonics and constantly switching them out, and me personally I used the plasmids all the time.

"Challenge Rooms make creative use of all these tool-sets in new and fun ways." They "retain the flavour of Rapture", she says, but they are discrete. "We've kind of been joking around that they're the pulp adventures of Rapture," she says, and to illustrate this we're shown how the levels will presumably be presented to the player - via comic book covers bearing names like Sander Cohen's Chamber of Thrills. To access the contents, you'll download from the PlayStation Store and go straight to them from the main menu.
Future Gamez.
Graphically BioShock looks just as impressive as the XBox 360 version with a rich, detailed environment, great visual effects and superbly designed characters. Comments posted in EGM which first broke news of this game point to enhancements to the PS3 title although nothing has actually been confirmed from 2K Games as yet.
The way the challenge rooms are introduced is unique and colorful. The challenge room we were shown was initially unveiled as a comic book, with a pulp horror comic-styled cover, and teasers like "The Shocking Story of Sander Cohen," and "Thrills, Chills, Spills!" evoking a tongue-in-cheek vibe.

Once this challenge room opened up, we were shown a large room with an indoor carnival motif. A large ferris wheel dominated the center, while alleys lead to a variety of carnival games. The telekinesis plasmid could be used to play these games, like tossing a ball into barrels or knocking over milk bottles. Giant teddy bears and lots of scary clown imagery also helped to set the scene.