Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

EA's Jeremy Dalberg has posted another one of her "Five on Friday" Q&A features on the official Ultima Online website. Looking for a job?
Now Hiring!

We're looking for someone to be our new Associate Game Designer. Here's the job description and requirements:

Main responsibilities:

- contribute significantly to game fiction, manage events, balance gameplay, and develop content using proprietary scripting tools.
- Understanding and or knowledge of Ultima Online game mechanics, history, and community interaction a definite plus.
- Experience as a Game Master, Counselor, Seer, or Event Moderator for Ultima Online a bonus.
- 2+ years experience playing Ultima Online
- Position requires dependable and relevant inputs to current state of the game, as well as contributing to future development of the game experience
- Gives inputs to other members of the team to enhance gameplay for the current subscriber base
- Due to the demanding scripting system surrounding Ultima Online, the designer must have expansive knowledge of scripting languages and have the ability to produce samples of work using similar tools.
- Level editing experience and module creation using open source gaming engines (Infinity, Unreal 2.5 or 3, Doom, Source, Aurora Toolset).
- Background or exposure to game development processes in the industry
- Essential to have experience working in small teams of 4-6 people.
- 3DS Max experience preferred
- 2+ years in the game industry and/or gaming school preferred
- Can demonstrate understanding of game design concepts to include flow, decision making, engaging storyline, and integration of art and sound

If you're interested in (and qualified for) this position, please send your resume to jdalberg AT ea DOT com and I'll put it in the right hands right away!