Disciples III: Renaissance Peek #2

RPG Vault has posted a second "peek" feature for Disciples III: Renaissance, this time profiling Lambert, the hero of the game's Imperial campaign.
He is an "old soldier" who knows no other way of life, and who is unfamiliar with the words of love. His selflessly dedication to the realm means he does not need titles and awards; indeed, he has devoted his entire life to serving the Empire while asking nothing in return. His motivation is not gold and riches. Rather, it primarily founded upon his freedom of choice.

He is an excellent commander, and in his relationships with subordinates, he does not ask more from them than he requires of himself. For instance, when he finds it necessary to insist upon discipline, he always demonstrates a very high standard himself. When he demands courage in battle from his soldiers, he is the one who leads them against the enemy.

Initially, Lambert is of the belief that the highest possible honor he can attain is simply his service to the Empire and its army. However, the realization gradually comes to him that there may be more to life than this straightforward, rather limited view. Slowly but surely, he discovers a new devotion to what he learns is the highest cause, serving the people around him.