Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning FAQs

EA Mythic has been publishing official FAQs to address some of the concerns after the recent content cuts. They've so far covered Career Changes and PunkBuster and Capital Cities.
Won't I get tired of the RvR endgame by fighting over the same city every time?

If pushing through 3 separate dynamic campaigns scattered across 3 racially themed pairings, capturing battlefield objectives, claiming keeps for your guild, slaughtering your enemies in an open field, making a name for yourself by dominating in any one of our many scenarios, or helping to take a fortress for your realm to only then flood into the streets of your enemies' city is your definition of getting tired, then maybe.

Once you get access to each city, so many new challenges await. The RvR game doesn't end at the city gates, it really just begins. Outsmart your enemies as you take the fight to the streets, capture battlefield objectives within the city, partake in invader or defender-based quests, challenge any of the 3 massive city dungeons, join in on the city scenario and finally burn and pillage through a city wide PQ event.

After all of that, should you capture the city (remember--you can get kicked out!), then prepare yourself for two of the most challenging PQs yet! Conquering them will lead you to your enemy's throne room itself, and their king within!