Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview, Part One

Ten Ton Hammer has published the first installment of a two-page interview with Mythic's Mark Jacobs about their recent announcement to cut four cities and four classes from Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
Ten Ton Hammer: When you say that we're going with only two capitol cities is that just for Siege content?

Mark: This is for the siege content right now. Other cities will be coming in later. Here is the thing with cities, and I cannot stress this enough, our cities are like no other cities in any other MMO. There is so much content there; they are so the center of RVR. This is not DAOC cities, this is not EverQuest cities, these are not WoW cities, these are cities of a whole other level.

Whether you look at all the things you can do there that are geared towards RvR. These things are monstrous and massive, they are so integral to the game that they have to be outstanding. It just takes a lot of time to get them right. You know, we're not perfect and no developer is, the best way to get it right is to focus on two, get it right, and put it out for the players. Let them play, both in beta and live, learn from our mistakes, see what worked, what didn't work, then rotate in new capital cities with the lessons that we have learned from the old ones.