Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Beta Testing Signups

Ascaron Entertainment has announced that they are now accepting applications for closed beta testing of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Get your entry in before it's too late:
Do you have what it takes to be a closed beta tester?

We are in the process of expanding our closed beta test team, but please read and consider this information carefully before you rush to click the link at the end of this announcement. The closed beta test is a very important process that has very specific goals making a bug-free game that is enjoyable to play in all it's aspects. It is not simply an opportunity for fans or dedicated players to have a chance to play the game early. With this in mind, please only apply if you're prepared for some hard work, and are motivated by a desire to make the released game better.

Not everyone who applies will get in, however if you don't get in right away that does not mean you won't be added later. The importance of this process means we will periodically need to drop people from the team and replace them with new applicants. Getting in does not guarantee that you will stay in, and not getting in right away does not guarantee that you will never get in.

'¢ You will need to meet the following minimum criteria to be considered, but please note that the criteria in the future may change so not applying now does not necessarily mean you won't have an opportunity later:

'¢ You must be able to keep the closed beta process confidential, and not discuss any aspect of it outside of allowed secure areas! This includes any involvement on your part (hint: If you post that you've applied, that will probably prevent your application from being processed).

'¢ Lots of time to test Sacred 2. It's a large game, and recreating and documenting problems is a time consuming process.

'¢ You must be able to document bugs in the English language (even for German beta testers), with good grammar and spelling.

'¢ You must be 18 or older.

'¢ You must have a fast internet connection without a download capacity limit.

If you complete the application, please note in the 'Comments' field what your preferred testing focus is: Gameplay, Bughunting or Any (you will be assigned to a group). Note that testers may contribute in both areas, however the group you are in is where you should focus your energies and at various points in time the different groups will get different testing assignments.

You can apply to join the test here:

If you are selected for the beta test team, you will have to submit proof of age. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted with information about that and other things immediately after your selection.

Good luck to all applicants!
Your Sacred 2 Team