Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

GamingExcellence brings us their own preview of Ascaron's Sacred sequel, in which they focus entirely on the game's multiplayer component.
Sacred 2 features a full suite of various multiplayer modes, including the standard campaign. There is also a free mode that allows unlimited side-questing without worrying about the main storyline, and allows the entire map to be open to the player off the bat. The game also features a PvE co-op mode for arena fighting with a friend, and also a PvP arena with fully implemented leader boards. For the truly sadistic, CDV is including a (hardcore) mode in which players can battle other players for survival. Lose in hardcore mode, and your character is permanently destroyed. Only one shall stand, and the rest can cry their way back to level one. There's hardcore, and there's just plain daffy, and the hardcore mode certainly straddles the line between them. Either way, it's there if you want it.

CDV has promised that the game will support all popular multiplayer connection options, including local LAN, Peer-to-peer connections and dedicated servers for up to sixteen players at once. The game also allows for players to seamlessly drop in and out of games.