Two Worlds: The Temptation Developer Blog Update

Reality Pump's Mirek Dymek has once again updated his blog on 1UP, this time offering a Q&A and more spell details for Two Worlds: The Temptation.
Q: The Screenshots for "The Temptation" are really impressive. Are you satisfied with the current stage of development?

A: Absolutely! It was our intention right from the start of the development to make the world of Antaloor more beautiful and realistic while giving it a fantastic atmosphere. Thanks to the new engine, we've succeeded in creating an even more impressive game world in "The Temptation". We've been improving the detail level of objects so much so that you wouldn't believe how they look!

Q: Can you give us some idea of how the new optics will look?

A: While programming the engine, we mainly concentrated on new ways of tackling lighting. We also focused on optimizing existing technologies and supplementing them through our own developments. Thanks to combining next-generation effects like HDRR (High Dynamic Range Rendering), volumetric light and the automatic depth of focus function, we're now a step closer to achieving true photo-realism.

Q: To what extent did you address feedback from the Community?

A: We analyzed all the feedback very carefully and decided that we would completely revamp the graphics matrix - but in such a way that it wouldn't just comply with today's standards - but totally outclass them. However, we didn't forget the players during all this graphics upheaval... it's very important to us to have "The Temptation" still running on modern mainstream computers - even with those next generation graphics.

The "One Year Anniversary Challenge" is now over! The correct answer was of course, Hatmandor, the new Trading Center in the Drak'ar desert. We received so many correct answers that our "Good Lady of the Draw" was knee-deep in piles of paper. And the winning name she drew? DRUM ROLL PLEASE! ...Thomas Muthel! Thomas won the Tibetan Spirit Knife; Daniel Grimmeisen, Dirk Bessler, Thomas and Timothy will soon enjoy their "Fan Package" consisting of a T-shirt and soundtrack! Thanks to everyone who participated!