Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Preview

CVG/NGamer is offering up an informative hands-on preview of SEGA and BioWare's Nintendo DS RPG, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
Artistically, Chronicles sees a complete reinvention of Mobius. Sonic has always appealed more in 2D, and charming hand-drawn stills that accompany the dialogue only add to the case against 3D. Dare we say it, even Vector is palatable under BioWare's deft artistic touch.

Further hands-on play reveals more treats. Each area - explored with stylus movement - now hides a number of Chaos eggs. Crack them open and the blue cherubs can be equipped as stat modifiers or placed in the Tamagotchi-like Chao garden.


Chronicles is story-heavy, but what does it entail? Enlisted by GUN to find Knuckles (he's disappeared while on Chaos Emerald-protecting duties), your simple task gets more complicated as beings from an alternative dimension, the Zoah, come into play. The name of the robot race was decided in a recent fan poll, but little is known about them.

As for new characters? Fiddling with the item menus revealed that new character Shade will be playable, as will E-123 Omega, the clanking bot star of Sonic Heroes and Shadow The Hedgehog. You read it here first.