Frayed Knights Development Update

An expansive development update on the Tales of the Rampant Coyote blog details the states of indie RPG Frayed Knights.
From a mechanics perspective, people (including me) were not satisfied with combat. Part of this is because it was never implemented as fully as I'd intended, particularly with special feats and abilities for characters... and AI. The AI, in particular, was pretty stupid right in the pilot, firing off spells sorta randomly.

I've changed things around a bit. First of all, the AI is actually a little more predictable now - but with that predictability I'm also trying to make it smarter. AI may have a particular sequence they like to repeat over and over again in combat, depending upon situation, but they also won't heal companions that don't need healing, and other silliness. They will also be more aware of easier / harder / more dangerous enemies, and will attack accordingly based on their intelligence and creature type. This is a long-term change as the game progresses in development, and so I'll be taking a wrench to it on a frequent basis.

One thing that I had thought I had implemented - but apparently had not - was range issues. Attacking deep into the enemy lines is a lot harder (and more dangerous) than attacking something right in front of you. Weapons do have a reach / range factor, which was being ignored --- except to set a bunch of flags for whether feats that were not fully implemented would trigger or not. Except that wasn't happening either, as apparently I'd defaulted the distance to zero and completely forgotten about the little "TODO" there of calculating the correct distance. D'oh.