BioWare Interview

Wired interviews the BioWare doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk about Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and more.
BioWare made a name for itself as a PC RPG developer, so the choice to release a major title like Mass Effect on the Xbox 360 first was jarring to many fans. Why was this decision made and does it lend credence to the idea that PCs are lagging far behind consoles as gaming machines?

Muzyka: Two other acclaimed BioWare titles for PC, Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire were both released on the Xbox first, and our fans seemed to really enjoy both the Xbox and PC SKUs based on the critical acclaim and commercial success of both games. I'm happy to challenge the comment that PCs are lagging behind other systems as gaming platforms -- I think the PC market is vibrant, and consumer tastes continue to evolve. Ultimately, our audience is smart and sophisticated on all platforms and it's up to us as content creators to make amazing games that they want to buy and play.

We certainly are making a tremendous effort to deliver an awesome, customized and optimized version of Mass Effect which launches on the PC May 28th in North America (June 6th in Europe) and then after that comes Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood -- a really fun younger-themed title we're developing for the DS with Sega, and then another big new IP title for BioWare, Dragon Age, which is shaping up to be a truly incredible fantasy experience -- it's the next-gen spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and we're looking forward to showing more of Dragon Age to our fans later this year. I was just playing Dragon Age this past weekend on my home PC system and it's really fun!
Also, a bit about Dragon Age.
I first heard about your upcoming Dragon Age 5 years go. Recently BioWare has said the game will be hitting shelves in the first quarter of 2009. Can we hold you to that? A return to classic BioWare RPG style gaming is something a lot of gamers have been clamoring for since the end of Neverwinter Nights and any further delays might actually kill people.

Muzyka: We're definitely looking forward to sharing more details on Dragon Age later this year. Dragon Age is directly in BioWare's sweet spot, set in a deep, rich world of dark heroic fantasy. That world's truly impressive and deep, and we've taken the time to craft it right as a brand new intellectual property for BioWare.

Dragon Age is the next-gen spiritual successor to another great past fantasy title from BioWare, Baldur's Gate, and it really reminds me of that game -- just taken to a whole new level. I was just playing Dragon Age on my home PC this past weekend and the story and gameplay are totally awesome; I think DA might end up having BioWare's best story to date when the game launches!