Numen: Contest of Heroes Interview

Strategy Informer has kicked up an interview with an unnamed Cinemax developer about Numen: Contest of Heroes.
Andy Alderson: Will there be leveling up in Numen? How will it work?

CINEMAX: Your character gains XP for completing quests and killing monsters. Once you have enough points you level up, some of your attributes are raised automatically and you also receive several points that you can allocate as you see fit. Execution of every ability you know depends on a certain skill. That skill is raised whenever you use that ability successfully. That means for example that if you fight a lot with axes you will get better at handling them and therefore cause greater damage after some time.

Andy Alderson: How will the combat system work? Will it be turn-based or real-time?

CINEMAX: The combat is real-time but it's more close to the World of Warcraft single player experience than to hack-and-slash titles like Titan Quest. Player has a lot of unique abilities at his command and has to learn how to make most of them do a good job. Observing the situation and using the right abilities at the right times make a great difference during a combat.