Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Preview

The prestigious Edge magazine takes a look at the upcoming Warhammer MMO.
But RvR extends far beyond this. In fact, it's present from the very beginning. Everything in WAR is built around the notion of nationalism. You are to be race proud, and realm proud, taught how much you loathe your enemy from the off. And this takes various forms. Beyond the quests you'd expect kill them, collect that, talk to him there's more going on, all of which gains Victory Points, which count toward your race's potential.

For instance, there are the scenarios. WOW has implemented a similar idea recently, but this one really belongs to WAR. These are instanced minigames, themed around games more traditionally found in the online FPS capture the flag, capture the base, etc. They're themed to the area they're in, and are loosely plotted to match the on-going story, rather than WOW's more disparate inclusion. More familiar PvP in the form of Skirmishes also adds points to the push.

And then another idea lifted from Camelot comes in the form of the battle for keeps. This is a guild-based game, in which you battle for control of strategically key castles, demonstrating ownership with your guild's banner. Once captured, the enemy guild gets not only your tower, but also your banner to deride.