Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Preview

GameSpy brings us up to speed on BioWare's Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood with a new hands-on preview.
The RPG trappings that are in store should be satisfying to those who love making decisions like choosing what equipment to use and items to stockpile. You'll be able to equip the various characters with assorted types of gear that will in turn boost their attributes. You can also manage your personal Chao farm, which allows you to raise the little artificially intelligent helpers. Each character can choose a specific Chao to float alongside them in combat, and it will provide some benefit.

Taking a cue from last year's Mass Effect, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood also features branching dialogue sequences with dialogue options that serve to convey particular emotions. Picking a snappy comeback with a smirking Sonic head next to it will generally liven things up, while there are other options relaying anger, surprise, and so on.