Arcania: A Gothic Tale Preview

IGN is next in line to offer up a closer look at JoWooD and Spellbound Entertainment's next entry in the Gothic series.
Though you'll be playing as a new Nameless Hero, the overall structure of Arcania's gameplay will be similar to that of the previous franchise iterations. You'll still quest for factions and be able to make a significant impact on the game world. You'll still gain experience, level up, and get points that must be spent at special trainers to improve your skills. You'll be able to craft armor and weapons and partake in an expanded and more user-friendly alchemy system. While we didn't get to see any of the game's menus, Dreamcatcher representatives impressed on us that they were focusing on delivering a more organized, streamlined, and comprehensive system that should make traveling around the world, inventory management, and keeping track of quest goals easier on the player. If you're one of those who hate the game helping you along in any way, there'll apparently be ways to customize your experience as well. "One of the things we decided to do which wasn't in Gothic 3 was put in a much more robust questing system and map," said producer Jay Podilchuk. "If you chose the quest of your quest log it would highlight those areas [and] give you an update of how many things you had [collected] for that quest."

Gladman elaborated on the more user-friendly approach. "That's one of those things that's more North American-centric. A map that hand-holds you through.which you can turn off if you want to." Both Gladman and Podilchuk went on to talk about how if players dislike any kind of UI or map assists it all can be turned off. It's called Gothic mode, apparently, and is being implemented for the hardcore German audience.

Gothic IV: Oblivion was heavily considered before they settled on Arcania: A Gothic Tale.