Arcania: A Gothic Tale Preview

GameSpot had chance to check out a demonstration of Spellbound's newly-renamed Gothic sequel Arcania: A Gothic Tale, and has kicked up a brief preview based on what was shown.
The major focus at this early stage of development is improving the combat model. Melee attacks are currently tethered to a stamina bar, and you can hold down the attack button to charge a strong strike. We watched as our hero did battle against a human enemy yet to be programmed with any kind of AI he just swung away randomly, much like you probably did if you played Gothic 3. It's early and difficult to get a gauge on how deep the combat system will go at this stage it looks rather simplistic. But we've yet to see the new magic abilities, archer mechanics, or the deep weapon and armor customization system. Every weapon or piece of armor can be broken down into base components, and you'll be able to mix and match sword hilts with blades or chest pieces with chain male. While there won't be any player creation system as you start Arcadia, the dev team is hoping that the customization system will make your character truly feel like your own.

To further reinforce this, attribute points will be more flexible. As you improve in skill within traditional classes like paladin, archer, mage and thief, you'll be able to shift some points around if you wish to change your style. There will also be ample XP to max out in about two different classes, should you decide to undertake each of the countless side quests in addition to the main story quests.