Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Interview

Gameplayer Australia has put up the second part of their interview with WAR Senior Producer Jeff Hickman (first part here).
(The living cities actually improve, graphically. There are poor quarters, and rich quarters. They get dirtier, or less dirty, shinier or prettier. They literally unlock new areas, so you might go around a corner and the city's in a poor state. You can't get down the alley, there's piles of rubble blocking your way. But as the city levels up, the rubble gets cleaned up, the city gets cleaned up, and '˜oh!', a new area's unlocked for you.) A bit of a cheat, but still a reward for your efforts.

(So, again, your city is levelling up. It's getting really cool new areas. It's getting all of these rewards, these things that you've strived for throughout your game experience. Your enemy sees that, [and] pushes you back to the gates of your own capital city. He can literally pull out his sieges engines, his catapults, his ballistas, his trebuchets, and lay siege to the city itself.)
Spotted on Evil Avatar.