Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Preview

HEXUS Gaming has put together a large seven-page preview of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, based on what they saw during a recent press event for the game in Paris.
One of the features that EA Mythic were keen to talk about is the Tome of Knowledge. Having had the chance to rifle through its many pages and witness how it impacts the whole game, we're pretty excited by it

As the creator, Carrie Goustos told us, (The Tome of Knowledge has three functions: Information and reference, tracking your game-play experience and as a meta-game.

We feel sorry for the poor guy who had to write this mammoth book. It covers every possible thing you'd ever want to know about every character, including every quest, every conversation, every beast you've encountered and the back story to everything in the game. It's an unfolding story of your character, a humongous reference guide and quite possibly your best friend in the game.

We are first and foremost fans of the action rather than the story when it comes to playing MMOs so we thought the Tome of Knowledge wouldn't really appeal to us. However, this is different. Even from our afternoon of playing WAR, we found ourselves, more often than not, heads buried in the Tome of Knowledge , intuitively clicking on the links that flow seamlessly between the pages, unraveling information, showing side-objectives and cleverly encouraging you to explore areas that you may not have done if you were merely ploughing through the main quest.