New Guild Wars/Lineage II Websites Launched

NCsoft Europe sent out a press release today announcing the launch of two websites designed to introduce new players to Guild Wars and Lineage II.
Discover NCsoft's Guild Wars And Lineage II

NCsoft Europe unveils two new websites designed to introduce new players to Lineage II and Guild Wars.

Friday 28th March/... Brighton, England (March 28th, 2008) NCsoft® Europe today announces the launch of two new websites specifically created to introduce players new to massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) the opportunity to discover two of NCsoft Europe's most cherished and endearing games: Guild Wars® and Lineage® II.

From the battle-ravaged ruins of Tyria (Guild Wars), through the ancient kingdom of Cantha (Guild Wars Factionsâ„¢), and on across the treacherous plains of Elona (Guild Wars Nightfallâ„¢), introduces newcomers to the full Guild Wars experience, including the official expansion pack, Guild Wars: Eye of the Northâ„¢. Try mixing and matching combinations of games on this stunning, user-friendly website to discover how to gain access to new skills, missions, and geographical locations.

Lineage® II: The Chaotic Throne, by contrast, offers a slightly different, if no less epic, playing experience. The world of Lineage II is divided into three kingdoms: Aden, Elmore and Gracia who share a delicate balance of power. Solo fighters, entire clans and immense alliances engage in combat so brutal the very ground shakes! By visiting player can discover the historical background and rich heritage of one of the most enduring MMORPGs currently available using a sumptuously presented page-turning presentation guide.

About NCsoft Europe
NCsoft Europe (NCE) is headquartered in Brighton, United Kingdom and is wholly-owned subsidiary of Korea-based NCsoft Corporation, the world's leading developer and publisher of online games. NCsoft operates publishing offices within North America, Japan, Taiwan, China and Thailand and has development studios in Seattle, Austin, California (North America) and Seoul (Korea). NCE recently announced the formation of the first European development studio, based within the UK.

NCE began operations on 1st September 2004 and serves as a central hub for all NCsoft sales, marketing and distribution operations in Europe, via its European distribution network. The company has successfully launched multiple online titles and continues to support its franchises, which include Lineage II (November 2004), City of Heroes® (4th February 2005), Guild Wars (28th April 2005), City of Villains® (31st October 2005), Guild Wars Factions (28th April 2006), Guild Wars Nightfall (27th October 2006), Guild Wars: Eye of the North (31st August 2007) and Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa® (2nd November 2007). More information about NCsoft Europe can be found at