Frayed Knights Interview

RPGWatch had the opportunity to sit down with Rampant Games' Jay Barnson and quiz the indie developer about his upcoming RPG, Frayed Knights. An introduction:
Q: So, your current indie project is Frayed Knights what is it and what is it all about?

A: Frayed Knights is Rampant Games' upcoming comedy-based fantasy RPG. It's a blend of old-school style (first-person, turn-based, party-based adventures like Wizardry, The Bard's Tale, Dungeon Master, and Might & Magic) with (real) 3D graphics, a healthy dose of character-based humor, and some quirky gameplay innovations. It's part parody, part homage to both CRPGs and pen-and-paper RPGs.

It's primarily a story about four misfit adventurers in a world that tries to justify all the weird things that happens in RPGs. The world of Frayed Knights is one with a subset of the population that were (adventurers) and acted like Player Characters tend to act. Which is to say, often amoral, ruthless, and greedy. Most of the time.

However, the adventurers are starting to die off. That in itself is not too surprising the life of an adventurer is often short but exciting. But something is changing, and the rate of (morts) (deaths) is becoming alarmingly high. Plus, there are rumors of an (Ancient Evilâ„¢) rising out in the boonies. Things are going bad for the (adventurer community.)

But the Frayed Knights themselves pretty much the laughingstock of adventurers everywhere may be the only ones who can save them.

A small "pilot" version will be out next month.