Ultima Online Developer Chat

Stratics has announced that they will be hosting an IRC chat with the Ultima Online development team later this evening.
Join us Tuesday, March 25th at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT in the #straticshoc channel on the Stratics IRC network for the 115th Ultima Online House of Commons.

Among the topics open for discussion will be the updates now on TC1 and recent publishes, so mark this date as one not to miss!

To be part of the next House of Commons, connect to one of our Stratics IRC servers using your favorite IRC client. A list of popular IRC clients is available on our downloads page , and for those who wish to chat via their browser you can connect via our java IRC client. (Java required - download here)

Connect to irc.stratics.com (port 6668) or choose a server close to you from following list:
  • stratics.frws.com USA - Colorado (ports 6667 6668 7000)
  • irc.glowfish.de EU - Germany (ports 6667 6668)
  • stratics.afraidyet.net USA - Texas (ports 6667 6668)
  • irc.gamers-irc.org USA - Colorado (ports 6667 6668 7000)
Once connected, join #straticshoc and you're there!

Also join us in #ultima-online any time to chat with other players about all things UO!