Neverwinter Nights 2 v1.12 Patch Released

The official Neverwinter Nights 2 forums have an announcement and changelog for the game's newly released v1.12 patch. You can pick this one up via the autoupdater:

* Experience gains of zero will no longer show up in the chat log.
* The Player List is now mapped to, and accessible from the P key
* Natural AC is now being properly applied to creatures.
* Use Magic Device checks, when casting from scrolls, will no longer circumvent caster classes.
* Fixed an issue where companions were replaced by familiars/animal companions during transitions.

Custom Content

* Armorrulestats.2DA is now able to be recognized in-game when read from a hak pack.
* Deities.2DA is now able to be recognized in-game when read from a hak pack.


* Passing a numeric string variable will not cause an empty string to be passed to a script.
* Strings that contain a pure number will no longer be converted to an empty string when passed into a script expecting a string parameter. This bug would manifest itself such that if a call to UIObject_Misc_ExecuteScript passed along a string that looked like "9", and the script on the server side was expecting a string, the script would get an empty string instead of the "9" as expected.


* A store's Identify cost now show correctly in-game.
* ERF/HAK editor plugin


* Attempting to split an item stack that is no longer in the character's inventory will not crash the game.
* On servers with Enforce Legal Characters turned on, characters that have swapped spells will no longer be considered invalid.
* The Player List on the Neverwinter Eye menu is now accessible via the P key and can be remapped to other keys.
* Bigby's Grasping Hand and Bigby's Crushing Hand spells will no longer crash the dedicated server.
* The Dedicated Server Creator (to be released separate from the patch) will now properly prompt the user to include Mask of The Betrayer files.
* Fixed an issue where the dedicated server would crash when hosting an MoTB game.
* Transition Crashes: A new 'Shortcut Transitions=1' optional INI setting has been added for the dedicated server. The INI entry should go in nwn2player.ini under [Server Options]. If added and set to true, a portion of the transition code will be bypassed. This will help with some of the timeouts people have run into, but will not resolve all issues. Further refinement of feedback will be gathered via the following Multiplayer fix (below).
* Transition Crashes: Log files are being expanded to include additional information to help in narrowing down the issues related to multiplayer transition crashes. The log file, located in the root of the game install directory (with the name nwn2main - no extension) will regenerate each time the game crashes.
* The Low-Light/Darkvision aura around the DM will no longer be visible to players in a Multiplayer game.

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