Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

Ascaron's official Sacred 2: Fallen Angel website is pointing to several GDC previews, including one we missed a couple of weeks ago over at'll have six vastly different character types to choose from: the heavenly Seraphim return; the Inquisitor, a Seraph's polar opposite; the necrotic Shadow Warrior; the classic High Elven sorceress; the head-shrinking voodoo Dryad; and an archaic dog-headed cyborg, the Temple Guardian.

That's right - cyborg. Sacred 2 embraces the polyfantastic past of a world in which both magic and technology have arisen, intertwined. The player chooses whether to play alongside the forces of light or shadow, unless playing as a Seraph or Inquisitor, which are dedicated to the paths of light and shadow respectively. Also - each character gets its own mount, and the mounts will all fight as extensions of their characters when you're riding; in other words, you won't have to dismount to fight.