Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

Frictionless Insight has conjured up the latest preview of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, recapping what we know about Ascaron's action RPG sequel up to this point.
The high elves are those elves who fled from the south of Ancaria long ago. Adepts are female elves from the elven ruling families who are well versed in ancient elven magic. Such Adepts typically specialize in fire, storm magic or arcane spells that support combat. Arrant Pyromancers can hurl fireballs, call down a shower of meteors, or ignite objects on contact. Mystic Stormites take a more defensive stance, although they can still cause tremendous destruction. They can hurl splinters of ice, become invisible or summon a localized storm that will pepper foes with lightning. Finally, High Elf Adepts who pursue the aspect of Delphic Arcania can teleport to nearby locations, dispel hostile magic or enchant weapons.

Fewer details are available concerning the Dryad, Temple Guardian and Inquisitor (and there's no Vampiress this time around). The Shadow Warrior, Dryad, High Elf Adept and Temple Guardian can all choose to pursue either the light or shadow campaign paths, but the Inquisitor is committed to the shadow path. Moreover, all the classes have specialized attacks from horseback.

A variety of mounts are available, ranging from broken draught animals to majestic war horses. And each class will have its own unique mount. Seraphim ride a majestic tiger, while the Shadow Warrior can ride a Hellhound. The Hellhound is a gruesome beast summoned from the afterlife that lumbers like a gorilla with nasty, sharp claws and fangs. The Hellhound can perform horrific attacks or leap forward in a sort-of knuckle run that may be slower than a galloping horse, but is speedy compared to a brisk walk. Special mounts are designed to complement the abilities of their masters, such as increasing protection values or enhancing specific skills.