Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood PDF Article

Remember that seven-page Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood article in Nintendo Power? Well, it's now available online in PDF format. A snip from the Ray/Greg interview included within:
Obviously you guys have worked on licensed properties before with Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons. But is it different working with an existing game license like Sonic?

RM: You always start with something really great. Not just from a marketing side, but also from the development side, where you have the body of information around the characters and how they interact and the relationships and the world and the universe. You're able to bring all that to bear. And the Sonic franchise is incredibly rich and detailed when you start looking at all the history there. There's a lot of stuff there, and it's a powerful starting point.

GZ: The characters already have relationships with each other, and it's interesting.

RM: We were delighted when we started looking into the license and saw how rich it was. We were fans of the license to begin with, but we didn't realize there was this big candy store of stuff that we could take from. And Sega's been very supportive of us developing within that universe; trying to bring new things to it and really innovate with where we take the property.

GZ: We want to flesh out all of those characters. Ones you've known just a little bit; you're gonna get to know them a lot better. Like Big the Cat...