Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Blog Update

Sacred 2 programmer Daniel Balster has updated the team's blog on IGN with a new entry discussing how the quest editor he coded makes his fellow level editors' jobs easier.
Sacred 2's deep story with its many quests required a new and innovative approach, because, usually, every single mission is coded individually. So we developed a quest editor, enabling several people to work with the same database simultaneously. Thanks to the editor level designers may place characters and items on the map, enter dialogues in several languages, define mission parameters and link quests with each other. And since you just click stuff with your mouse and don't code anything, you can't make any coding errors...

To me, the best thing about my task is the fact that the quest system combines the work of all my colleagues. The level designers' great scenery, the modelers' cool 3D objects, the extremely complex game logic and, of course, the exciting story - the quest system requires all of that, and so I'm always the first to see and play Sacred 2! I add my colleagues' finished components, code some modifications here and there, remove bugs and develop missing program parts, which may be not as "popular", but have to be coded nevertheless. Algorithms, debugging, coding graphics, logic, network, web server and databases for Windows, Linux and console - a challenging mix of technologies, but, after all, that's what makes it all so special!