Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Preview

BioWare's handheld RPG Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is the subject of an enthusiastic preview over at CVG.
It's great how Bioware have streamlined the RPG aspects to keep up with our nippy hero without harming the depth we demand from the genre.

There's still a big focus on levelling up stats - speed is particularly useful as it grants extra actions during each battle turn - and item equipment is present in a range of natty trainers for Sonic to wear down into rubber pancakes. And a stint chopping wood shows side quests play a part, earning you rings, the in-game currency.

Perhaps most impressive is how Bioware have tackled the major Sonic hurdle - narrative. Usually comprised of inane skater speak that makes Hollyoaks look like Shakespeare, stories and character work haven't been Sonic's strongpoint.

Bioware promise to address this with a tale that begins as a simple 'oh no, Knuckles has disappeared' but grows into something much darker, with a promised twist that splits the game into two different acts. Possible hint: Tails dies?

If you've played Mass Effect or Knights Of The Old Republic, you'll understand Bioware's dedication to building exciting mythologies (indeed, KOTOR's Star Wars offering is better written than the films) and we expect them to work wonders with Sonic's cast.