Dungeons & Dragons Online: Module 6 Preview

MMORPG.com has taken a closer look at the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Online: Module 6 update.
And after four paragraphs we finally get to the point of this article, Module 6 and all of its secrets. So what's new with Module 6: The Thirteenth Eclipse? New challenges and new adventures of course, and a few new rules as well. The big news for all the adventurers of Stormreach is that the level cap will be bumped up to 16, opening up more room for advancement. There's good news for the accident prone as well, as the death penalty will no longer carry an experience penalty, but rather a temporary resurrection sickness. If you're the type of player who likes to avoid death as much as possible, aka a coward, they've dotted the landscape with more strategically placed rest shrines to help keep the game flowing and to support solo players.

Beyond a few rules changes, the real story with Module 6 is, um, the story of Module 6. The action takes place in the Vale of Twilight, a region that is closely linked to the Outer Planes. Every 3000 years (has it been 3000 years already?) the 13 moons of Eberron align with each other to form an eclipse, hence Module 6's title, The Thirteenth Eclipse. You're probably wondering why hardened adventures would be interested in 13 heavenly bodies aligning in a celestial event that occurs once every 3 millennia. To answer that we have to take a look back at the end of Module 5 and the Black Abbot Lich and his designs on godhood. If you're playing Module 6 then you've already foiled his plans, which is good, but the whole mess has thrown the planes out of whack. That's bad. Remember how the Vale of twilight is linked to the planes? You should, because I only mentioned it six sentences ago. The Vale is currently linked with one of the more benign planes, but that link changes every 3000 years when the eclipse occurs. Whichever plane is the most influential when the eclipse ends becomes the dominant plane in the Vale of Twilight, and the instability caused by the Black Abbot has allowed the Devils of Shavarath (Eberron's 9 Hells) to seize the initiative and attempt to bring Shavarath's influence to the Vale of Twilight for the next thre