The Lord of the Rings Online: The Delving of Frór Preview

Turbine's official The Lord of the Rings Online website has been updated with a preview of The Delving of Frór, a new Ettenmoors-based dungeon coming in the game's Book 12 update.
Access to The Delving of Frór is gained by controlling three of the five locations found throughout the Ettenmoors: Tol Ascarnen, Tirith Rhaw, Lugazag, Grimwood Lumber Camp, or the Isendeep Mine. Controlling the majority of these locations means that the battle is tipped toward the Free People or Angmar and affords access to the portals (located at Ost Ringdyr for the Free Peoples or Dar-gazag for the forces of Angmar). Controlling the dungeon allows those inside to remain there, but losing control of the Battle in the Ettenmoors means the enemy will be able to enter the dungeon and drive you out.

Example: Let's say that currently, Free Peoples players control The Delving of Frór. Suddenly, the tide of battle turns and the monster players retake all the locations in the Ettenmoors! Free Peoples players may continue fighting within the Delving of Frór, but if ousted can no longer return to the depths until they once again have the upper hand in the battle. Further, the monster players now have access to the Delving of Frór and could soon enter the dungeon to drive the Free Peoples out!