Dungeons & Dragons Online: Module 6 Preview

WarCry is next in line with a hands-on preview of Turbine's Module 6: The Thirteenth Eclipse update for Dungeons & Dragons Online.
We are teleported into separate rooms that are much like cells. Inside the cells are what appear to be a puzzle and a fountain. We are warned that we need to make it through this stage quickly before the Prismatic Wall starts circulating. Not to mention once we make it out of the cell, we are annoyed (painfully I might add) by flying blades. On the plus side, no monsters attack here. This stage is very a fun challenge and taking a rogue with you can make the challenge a bit less difficult. With the help of the developers we solve the puzzles and are able to retrieve our rewards, and as promised we are able to use another Eldritch device. I am given a few more components, this time slightly different in the power source and items. Putting all the ingredients in along with my warhammer, I once again start to forge a new and improved item. And wow was it improved.

Of course the developers informed us that we would next extra power as we were heading into the next stage of the raid. Here we get to meet the big guy himself (Arraetrikos), and man is he mean, I think he was like a CR28. Basically you go through waves of fighting him and his friends that are willing to sacrifice their lives for him. Not to mention a few bearded devils. They are neat looking, but man do they pack a punch. Arraetrikos at times will take flight and soar over you casting one of the new spells, Meteor Swarm. In the end, you just don't feel like you beat him and head off for rest, relaxation and a bit of treasure. Now we are up to the final stage and all great adventurers must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the Vale and all of Eberron. As you lie helpless, you see Arraetrikos preparing the final stage of the alignment with the eclipse. Here you must battle the extra powerful pit fiend and all that he throws at you. Once you win, you are again able to reap your rewards and the final Eldritch device in the Shroud. Again, I was given the necessary items to upgrade my warhammer and let me tell you I can't wait to have one of these for keeps! Have you ever seen random lightning strikes? Yeah cool stuff.