Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Blog Updates has launched a new blog for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, with Funcom's Jason Stone stopping by to post the first couple of entries. An excerpt from his second entry:
There have been talks of ongoing storyline quests to follow the destiny quest. These are however enormously time intensive and will take time to implement and likely be seen after launch.

We still plan as far as I am aware to have PvE, Role-Play PvP, and PvP servers at launch but not list of server names or number of servers per region information is available.

A PvP server in Conan is at its base a server where open PvP is enabled in all areas except hubs. There are zone line and "just died" protection systems in place and you do not leave a tombstone in PvP.

As far as testing Sieging, testing continues and the max current numbers we have tested is in the 200-300 range with plans to test higher. The game actually handles lots of players very well, NPC's are way more expensive which is why we have limited NPC's being present in the siege PvP areas.