GameTunnel's Independent Game of the Year Awards

The editors at GameTunnel have revealed their picks for the top independent games of the past year. In the RPG category, Depths of Peril came in at #1 and Nethergate: Resurrection showed up as #3.
Depths of Peril is a hard game to describe. The first sensation that you are playing something amazing and different comes when, instead of destroying the computer, you find yourself competing against it. As you try to recruit players to your faction ("covenant") you quickly find that the computer AI is leading the other covenants, trying to complete the same quests and recruit the same people before you do. Racing, you must out-compete the computer to survive. However, you must also work to improve relations with the other factions to trade for weaponry and form the allies you will need to fight off some of the threats on the city of Jorvik that you all call home.

Speaking of threats, the second sensation of how amazing the game is comes as you discover the dynamic world around you. Delay taking out an enemy threat and that threat will grow, with some enemies of the group becoming leaders who will recruit their own henchmen and increase in power. Small uprisings can become huge threats requiring covenants to work cooperatively to take down the bosses and sub-bosses that were created by your delay.
Spotted on RPGWatch.