Top Ten Anticipated Xbox 360 Titles of 2008

A website going by the name of The Game Reviews has conjured up a list of the ten Xbox 360 games they're most looking forward to in 2008. Coming in at #3 is none other than Fallout 3:
One of the most anticipated RPGS of next year, Fallout 3 is promising some ambitious RPG gameplay and is being brought to us by the folks at Bethesda, who were responsible for the last two Elder Scrolls games. The game takes place in 2077, after a nuclear holocaust which drove thousands of people into underground vaults, emerging hundreds of years later into a wasteland inhabited by mutants and various other vile things. The game begins in one of these underground vaults, where the player is eventually tasked with venturing out into a 1950's style futuristic world that was ravaged by the apocalyptic war. What you do after that is up to you as the game allows the player to freely traverse the world looking for quests. Unlike the previous Fallout games, this one will take place in the first person, although Bethesda has made it clear that this is no FPS, saying that combat will be determined by the player's skill set. Even though it's still a ways off, Fallout 3 is looking to be a very engrossing RPG with an almost overwhelming amount of depth, if you're a big Oblivion fan keep your eyes on this one.

So which mystery developer was responsible for Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, and Redguard? The world needs to know!