The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Review

Another review for Oblivion's expansion pack has surfaced, this time for the PS3 and full of praise and glory, giving it an 8.5. Presented to you here because, to be honest, you can never have enough reviews of expansion packs.
The highlight of the expansion pack, however, is the various quests. Shegorath will send you on a number of interesting (and crazy) quests that will take you to dungeons as well as other key locales in the Isles. The good news is that the missions aren't the usual fetch quests but rather some inventive and fun quests. There are some quests - like the one where you are tasked will assassinating the very person who assigned you the very quest - are inventive. Like the core game, you can spend your time completing the main quests as well as explore to your heart's content and unravel the mysteries of places like the Hill of Suicides where the ghosts of those who committed suicide walk the land.