Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

EA's Jeremy Dalberg has posted another one of his "Five on Friday" Q&A features to the official Ultima Online website. This time around, he provides a wrap-up for previous FoF features:
FoF #68, HoC Chat

PvP Balance: Balance is never done, but we took a good initial swing at it.

Skinnable windows: in, plus lots of other moddable goodies.

Elf Circlet Options: Still on the list

Stacking Issues in KR: Fixed!

Music on the Website: Got back-burnered, I'll follow up after the new year.

Female Paperdoll: Much, much hotter :P

KR Chat customization: While changing fonts isn't in, you can definitely change colors for different types of chat.

Working further on the Virtues: Still on the back burner. I think everyone wants to do it, but it just hasn't made it up the list.