Neverwinter Nights 2 Patch 1.11 Released

Obsidian has now released the NWN2 patch 1.11, which has fixes for both NWN 2 and its expansion, Mask of the Betrayer.
Bug Fixes in 1.11


* Stealth was previously not functioning properly. It is now functioning as designed.
* Opening the Game Options window will no longer reset the camera focus of Strategy Mode.
* The Dwarven Defender's Defensive Stance should now function properly.
* An exploit was fixed that allowed players to increase their CON by unequipping and re-equipping items.
* A message will now be displayed if a character cannot equip an item due to being Frightened.
* The (Enable Buy/Sell Confirmation) option will now properly retain its state when you exit the game.
* Duergar are now properly ECL +1 rather than ECL +2.

Mask of the Betrayer Fixes (WARNING: Spoilers)

* The Spirit Eater abilities Supress, Gorge and Ravenous Incarnation will no longer alter the PC's alignment.
* The Lobby Level-up conversation will no longer lock out other players from leveling up.
* Some animation issues with the Faceless Man have been addressed.
* Okku will now properly speak in several situations where he was not previously.
* Several of Okku's animations have been fixed to prevent graphical glitches that were occurring.
* Okku's Paw weapon will now always upgrade properly as he gains levels.
* Okku now gains Regeneration at the Devoted Influence level.
* Party members should now always be properly restored when returning from dream states.
* The Death Knight's Abyssal Blast ability will now cause only one Reflex save.
* You can no longer use Provoke Spirit on the Priest in the Death God's Vault doing this would cause you to not be able to access the furnace.
* The dialogue between Magda and Gann in the Veil Theater will now only occur if Gann is in the party.
* The conversation with Shelvedar will no longer drop if the player is female.
* Animal Companions will no longer break events in the Ice Troll Lodge.
* Occasionally, Spirit Energy would not be properly deducted when travelling from Mulsantir to Ashenwood and vice-versa. This has been fixed.
* The Sealed Passage in the Middle Barrow is no longer referred to as sealed once it has been opened.
* The Silver Sword ability Infinite Resonance will now function properly.
* Casting 0-level spells onto the Silver Sword will now properly add charges.
* Safiya will now properly grant Improved Empower Spell at Loyal and Devoted levels of Influence.
* The player can no longer encounter a progression break when using Soul Housing No. 184 to free Ammon Jerro before completing the Conflicted quest.
* The Spirit Energy meter will no longer remain after defeating the Faceless Man.