Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

Jolt Online Gaming has published a new three-page hands-on preview of Ascaron Entertainment's upcoming Sacred sequel.
Sacred 2's main storyline campaign can be played from two different sides: Light and Shadow. While two of the characters, the Seraphim and the Inquisitor, can only play Light or Shadow respectively, the other four are able to pick the campaign of their choice even the Shadow Warrior, who actually served the good High Elves when he wasn't quite as undead as he is now.

As for differences between the two campaigns: (There are different story arcs, but because they're parallel campaigns they follow the same path. I suppose it's like Yin and Yang: you've got black and you've got white. There'll be some crossover into grey areas and that's where you can feel that you're going along the same path. It's the same story viewed from two different perspectives.)