Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

EA's Jeremy Dalberg has posted another one of his "Five on Friday" Q&A features to the official Ultima Online website.
"How do I find my corpse when it's buried under a horde of daemons?"
This has come up a bunch in the past week, and I am reminded that not all of the tricks to this sort of thing are obvious. So, I present Finding That Which Is Hidden, vol. XVI, Corpses:

In the 2D client:
  • First of all, the whole process is made vastly easier if you're in a guild. If you're not, but can afford it, consider creating a guild solely for this purpose.
  • Go into Options, then Macros, and make a new macro for "All Names." (Fig. 1)
  • Go to the area where your corpse should lie, and start hitting your All Names macro. Your corpse name will be blue if unguilded, green if guilded. (Unless you died in a heap of your guildmates, this is why being guilded makes it easier - most corpse names will be blue or gray, and green stands out.) (Also note this is super handy if you need to loot a corpse behind a wall and can't be bothered to turn on Circle of Transparency.)
  • Double click on your corpse name to loot it. (Fig. 2)
  • If your corpse has decayed to bones, this trick won't work. You'll have to use Object Handles (Ctrl-Shift) and hunt through them. This is not ideal, so try to get back to your corpse quickly. If you're having trouble getting the right handles to pop up, try moving half a screen or so away from where you think your corpse is. (Fig. 3)

In the KR client:
  • Open the World Map (by clicking on the little box at the top of the minimap.) (Fig. 4)
  • Click Map Options, and make sure that Corpse has an waypoint icon set on the World Map, the minimap, and in-game. (Fig. 5)
  • Use the icons to navigate to the spot where your corpse lies. If you have the in-game waypoint set, there will be a particle effect over your actual corpse. (Fig. 6)
  • In options, set the Object Handles filter to "Corpses Only." Then hit Ctrl-Shift. This will pop up object handles ONLY for corpses. (Fig. 7)
  • As in 2D, the process is harder when your corpse has decayed - it doesn't count as a corpse anymore for purposes of the object handles filter. You'll have to set it to a general filter and poke through all of the handles.