Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

Ace Gamez is next in line with a preview of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, after recently checking out the action RPG sequel firsthand.
Adding real depth to the setting, there's an individual storyline to follow for each of the six character classes, some of which can be played through in both campaigns from two different perspectives. For example, the Shadow Warrior is an undead human slave who suffered through life at the hands of the High Elves and couldn't even be left to die in peace after they resurrected him. So his tale can go either way - he can either embrace the darkness within him and take the dark route, or rebel against his former captors and set out to put an end to their misdeeds once and for all. The stories and quests for the different characters, which have been constructed by a team of professional writers, will intersect at various points as you progress, and the tally of main quests, side quests and character-specific quests is over 650 in total (and counting!) Suffice to say, the amount of variety and depth to plunder is staggering, but fortunately the quest log returns, listing all your currently active quests, which you can complete in any order, diverting from one side quest to go off on another that you've just discovered, should the mood take you. Ascaron's commitment to creating an expansive and open-ended gaming experience is impressive to say the least, even more so for an action RPG, with the potential to rival or even excel the mighty Oblivion.

Now we're even comparing a Sacred title to Oblivion? Wow.