Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Preview

HEXUS Gaming has kicked up a four-page preview of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, which appears to be based on what we know about Ascaron's action RPG sequel up to this point.
The developers have encouraged exploration of the whole game world, exploring castles, forests, mountains, shrines and deserts. They've also added a number of secret places that will be hard to find, for example, you could stumble across a picnic area high on cliff with an expansive view over the river beneath, or you may stumble across a cave hidden in a rocky outcrop where a reclusive wizard will offer you treasure. Of course, walking from one end of the game world to the other just wouldn't be much fun, which is why we're going to be treated to a wide variety of mounts in the game.

Each character in Sacred 2 has an exclusive set of mounts. First up, we saw the Seraphim's sabre-toothed tiger, which animated extremely smoothly and had realistic looking fur (of the furry kind). I was told that we'll be able to train these mounts and assign them skills which may come in extremely handy for fights later on in the game. They'll be a wide range of mounts, including horses, dragons and the ominous looking Hellhound. In addition, we'll also be able to '˜pimp' our rides with various armour and special abilities.