BioShock Reviews

Two more very enthusiastic reviews of 2K Games' BioShock have surfaced on the 'net. First up is Just RPG's review with an overall score of 93%:
Without a doubt, BioShock is a shoe-in for hordes of Game of the Year nominations. It's certainly among my favorite titles of the year, and I highly recommend it to all gamers, whether you've got an Xbox 360 or a gaming PC. If you haven't played it yet, then I suggest you at least go out and give the demo a try.

And next we have Caltrops' review with no overall score:
A game this good is going to lead the next round of discussions when it comes to artistc merit. And rightfully so if you can get past 2K's incompetence. But I don't know if PC games will ever have the opportunity to be more than what they are considered to be by Roger Ebert and everyone's parents -- if even BioShock, a game that so wonderfully gets virtually everything that matters correct, can have its narrative experience almost completely submarined by the desperate interference of its publisher, what chance does anyone else have?