Camelot Grab Bag Q&A

In this week's Grab Bag Q&A for Dark Age of Camelot, EA Mythic's Missy Hatch answers questions about redownloading purchased addons, concentration spell increases, and more.
Q: I remember reading in previous herald post that, as a Scout, Hunter, or Ranger, when you have no Damage Type (Buff?) selected it automatically sets you as slash damage. What if you are using a Legendary Tempestuous Bow? Do you do Slash damage or Spirit damage with your arrows? And would that affect ALL damage types or just the physical shots (Critical, Point-Blank, Power, Standard, Rapid, Long, Siege)?

A: I asked this of my new best friend, The Balancinator, who explained: When you have the Legendary Tempestuous Bow equipped, it changes the damage type from Slash to Spirit. It works this way for all normal damage shots, but specialty shots such as Cold shot will, appropriately, change the damage to cold damage.