BioShock Review

A really good BioShock Review fell into our laps via Blue's News. From at 94%, it is well worth the 6 page read.
In the end, even if most of you (myself included) will go out on other adventures, be it exploring a tropical island in a hi-tech nano-suit, duking it out in professional arenas or fighting hordes of aliens on distant planets, Rapture will stay with you long after you will leave it. Some of you might even come back, to find another ending to the story or to discover more details about the once magnificent dream of Andrew Ryan. Whatever the reason though, this adventure at the bottom of the sea is one of the most extraordinary experiences you will ever come across. And for those who will think that the fate of one of the main characters is disappointing or downright stupid, consider this: 'žA man chooses. A slave obeys.)